Synchronicity Designsync

Centralized Design Data Management


DesignSync is built on a unique highly scalable client/server architecture capable of terabyte data management with millions of large GB-scale files. Static , dynamic, and hierarchical file use models are supported. Configurable desktop and group server caching allows fast opens for read-only data which comprises the majority of workspace data. Deployed systems can include multi-level mirror servers to optimize the conflicting demands of workspace access speed and update distribution speed. IC project data can be distributed physically across multiple repositories co-located with their design teams, but managed centrally so that every team has the same single version of truth.

Quantified Benefits of Designsync

Today, over 120 semiconductor development organizations take advantage
of ENOVIA Synchronicity to boost design productivity

Design Engineering Time Saved Average % Improvement
Time saved looking for correct data – Finding actual tapeout, rework, verified data, etc. 41%
Time saved recreating mishandled data – Redesign or rollback time because of lost or damaged data 69%
Time saved simulating wrong data – Simulating incorrect or changed data and libraries 49%
Time saved laying out wrong data – Laying out with incorrect or changed components 59%
Time saved verifying data – Verifying incorrect or changed layouts 53%
Time saved coordinating with remote sites 43%
Time saved to assemble IP at tapeout 11%


Unique system capabilities that can dramatically advance your design data management

  • Migration from file-based to module-based data management can be evolutionary
  • Simplifies version diffs, leading to dramatically faster workspace opens, fewer version errors, better product quality
  • Allows a single source of truth for your entire project
  • Assures one version of truth for all project designers
  • Designer workspace open and initialization 2x to 100x faster
  • Mirrors real-world structure of design teams and SoC IP. Optimized for fastest possible opens and check-outs by designers
  • System automatically updates all local caches when new design module versions checked-in. Dramatically faster workspace opens/check-outs
  • Secure file transfers help prevent piracy during data replication
  • Lists easily generated for design elements with faults or other key attribute
  • Users manage files from within the design application, streamlining data file read/write and check-in/check-out
  • Accelerates version management and fault location
  • Adapts to user-preferred UI

Key Features

  • Modules, files, hierarchical configuration managers (HCMs) can all be part of a DesignSync project database
  • Project files can be organized into a hierarchy of modules
  • Reference or replicate files from other data management systems, such as Perforce™ or Rational®
  • Centralized version management
  • Modular change set processing – new vs. existing version comparisons done at the set level, not file level
  • Distributed Design Hierarchies – Design hierarchy element managed locally, but available globally
  • Real-time asynchronous distributed cache updates – predictive replication
  • 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Where-used analytics
  • Embedded into leading EDA and software development tools (Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor Graphics® , Microsoft, and others)
  • Built-in two- and three-way file comparisons for ASCII files, such as register transfer level (RTL)
  • Graphical and command line user interfaces (UIs)