IP Classification and Protection

Secure Intellectual Property


ENOVIA IP Classification enables companies to accelerate product development and shorten time-to-market through reuse of design components and product documentation; increase reliability, quality and lower cost by reusing previously validated product content; and improved collaboration by enabling users across the enterprise to find and add their own product content.

ENOVIA IP Protection protects IP without compromising a company’s ability to effectively collaborate both internally and externally. From a single enterprise-wide platform, organizations are able to manage all of their relevant product data and safely share that information according to organization, nationality or physical location. A common set of security rules and exception classification framework ensures authorized access and prevents unauthorized disclosure of intellectual property (IP).

Key Benefits

  • Leverage product information from other enterprise systems by federating their IP into the context of product development business processes
  • Organize data in multiple ways that best suits EACH role or activity
  • Eliminate files based data exchange
  • Put day-to-day IP management in the hands of the users
  • Classify IP and enforce security requirements to fulfill regulations like ITAR
  • Keep history of data access and downloads for critical IP
  • Track IP usage across various projects and customers


Classification Manager

Improve reuse and reduce costs through secure content classification

  • Create multiple library classification systems to fit your company’s business needs, functional uses, and/or products
  • Apply standard attributes to the library taxonomy for robust parametric searches and comparisons of classified data based on different usage models
  • Classify existing product content or create new product documents
  • Search based on a preferred unit-of-measure regardless of how the data was defined

IP Controlled Access

Enforce and manage restrictions every time a user attempts to view and access company IP

  • All rules or exceptions from the item’s related IP security classifications must authorize access to allow the user access to the secured items
  • Users can experience limited access for some items and “silent,” no-show access for others, depending on their classification
  • Users are required to declare their current country or physical location as part of the login to properly enforce defined location security rules
  • Security rules associated with citizenship, security level, organization affiliation, or location (or country) may change access to items as rule updates are made active

IP Security Manager

Enforce intellectual property and export control protections through classifications

  • Companies can protect electronic IP in a robust and consistent way as a standard across the entire platform
  • Customers, partners, suppliers, and employees can work in one environment while protecting each party’s IP
  • All types of data in the platform can be protected with the same approach and allow an audit review of users and access in one environment
  • Multiple systems and data stores used previously for IP protection by physical data segregation can be decommissioned

Semiconductor IP Classifier

Deliver System-on-Chip products faster by managing your IP effectively

  • Easily catalog semiconductor design data
  • Semiconductor taxonomy and attributes provided, as defined by VSIA
  • Search libraries based on all parameters associated with its classes with automatic unit of measure conversions
  • Participate in peer reviews before content is made available to the rest of the organization
  • Subscribe to library updates and additions to stay informed of critical product content changes

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Maintain a single version of truth

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Ensure business agility


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IP Classification and Protection

Secure intellectual Property

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