Smarter, Lighter, Faster

Orchestrate engineering teams and deliver ideal mechatronics


Smarter Faster Lighter Experience is a unique integrated solution to help companies to perfectly coordinate multi-disciplinary teams to design, simulate and validate any Mechatronics systems, improving quality, compliance and performance while reducing engineering time & costs.

Consumer Electronic Companies are designing complex mechatronics systems (combining Mechanical, Electronics & Software components) are at the heart of most of product innovations and are pervasive in multiple industries. However companies are still handling poor integration between those different disciplines.

Smarter Faster Lighter provides an unified end-to-end design process to master the Voice of the Customer, from the requirement definition to the final product validation. This end-to-end traceability helps designers to easily achieve Design Right First Time. Recently, it helped one of our customers achieve 35% improved TTM, and reduce $2B of overall cost in the first year.

Key Features

Orchestrate engineering teams and deliver ideal mechatronics

  • Accelerate Smarter Components Development
  • Develop complex mechatronic products matching customer needs
  • Synchronize all engineering disciplines in a unique environment
  • Master Product Complexity & Architecture
  • Model-Based System Engineering approach ( RFLP* Model)
  • Full traceability from needs identification to product validation
  • Boost product reliability and performance
  • Allow to evaluate new concepts & design performance
  • Reduce number of physical prototypes
  • Reduce the development time & maintenance cost