Design / Styling


From 3D sketching, subdivision surface, Class-A modeling to 3D printing, reverse engineering, visualization and experience, CATIA Design/Styling provides all the solutions for design creativity, surface excellence and product experience.

Visual Experience Designer

A visual and rendering companion allowing non-specialists to produce high-end real-time visualization and interactive photorealistic visuals.

  • Easy evaluation of designs in realistic environments and light situations in real-time.
  • Accessible at any state of product design to take accurate design decisions.
  • Study colors, material, volume, proportions and 3D Human.
  • Manage the data preparation process to secure, optimize, organize and simplify heavy models for 3D Printing.

Key Benefits

Advanced Surface Modeling

  • Fully addresses the Automotive Class-A shape design process with a solution for surface refinement that integrates industry-leading Icem surfacing technologies. Delivers a powerful and intuitive suite of tools for modeling, analyzing and visualizing aesthetic and ergonomic shapes for the highest Class-A surface quality.

Design/ Styling

CATIA design/styling to boost design innovation


Rapid development of high-quality products

Systems Engineering

Mastering the systems development process