Enterprise IP Management


The DELPHIP Enterprise IP Management solution, is a scalable, comprehensive platform that enables semiconductor companies to organize, manage, protect, and monetize their semiconductor IP.


Using the Dassault Systèmes IP Management platform, Consensia’s DELPHIP provides semiconductor companies with all the features required to implement a BOM based approach to managing internal and external IP across multiple product lines from design to silicon.

Key Features

Cataloging and Classification

  • Highly configurable and flexible system for classifying IP
  • Intuitive, context based search facilitates quick discovery of all IP related objects

Access Controls for IP Security

  • Configurable, role based access control to manage the complexity of multiple roles and profiles
  • Determine who can create / modify parts, tickets, change requests, action items, etc.

IP/Lifecycle Management

  • Provides state of IP vs design maturity to determine usability of IP
  • Full traceability with 'where used’ capability to determine IP quality

Versioning / Branching for BOM based Configuration Management and Version Control

  • DELPHIP version control enables easy versioning of standalone IP, SOC or complete BOM
  • Ticketing with issue and defect tracking to discover 'where found’ and ‘where fixed’

Compliance for internal and 3rd party IP

  • Configurable policy for design and geographically specific IP use for 3rd party and jurisdiction (ITAR) compliance IP use

Additional Features Include

  • Integrated with multiple DDM systems for SOC/IP configuration management and automated IP/SOC release
  • Project analytics enable companies to assess feasibility of make vs. buy for future IP needs
  • Subscription based notifications and alerts


IP Owner

  • Smart classification enables IP to be deposited and indexed quickly
  • Notifications result in IP being quickly discovered across the enterprise – hence quicker adoption

IP Consumer

  • Consumers can spend up to 25% looking for IP
  • Structured classification and context sensitive search means spending less time looking for IP Increased Productivity

IP Vendors

  • Know that contractual terms are being complied with
  • Audits from 3rd parties are less onerous – tracking is easily discovered

Design Teams

  • IP/Lifecycle maturity increased quality of IP
  • However, in the event of issues, full IP genealogy reduces time spent on Issue, Defect and Change management