Consulting Services

for all your ALM, PLM, DHF and CATIA needs


Consensia offers world class consulting solutions for all your ALM, PLM, DHF and CATIA needs. We specialize in implementation, configuration and integration of your hardware and software processes.

Our Consulting Services include

Bill of Materials

Maintain a single version of truth

Configuration and Change Management

Ensure business agility


Collaborate effectively

IP Classification and Protection

Secure intellectual Property

Product Planning and
Program Management

Deliver projects on-time and under budget

Quality and

Raise quality and ensure compliance

Strategic Customer Relationships

Exceed customer expectations

Strategic Supplier Relationships

Connect the supply chain

Pinpoint Analytics

  • Assimilation of data from multiple sources – synthesis, STA, power, layout, physical verification.
  • Intelligently displays this data in customizable dashboards that provide a holistic view of the progress of each phase of the design and maturity of the overall design.


  • Configure desktop and group server caching to allow fast opens for read-only data which comprises the majority of workspace data.
  • Deploy systems to include multi-level mirror servers to optimize the conflicting demands of workspace access speed and update distribution speed.
  • IC project data to distribute physically across multiple repositories co-located with their design teams, but managed centrally so that every team has the same single version of truth.


  • With DELPHIP enable the categorization and classification of IP to create a transparent and efficient taxonomy, usage policies and roles to define user privileges and traceability, access controls for IP security and lifecycle management for versioning, issue defect and analysis and IP inventory management.


The ZipQuality service manages all of your design controls and DHF documentation so product teams can focus more time on designing and testing new products and less time editing documents.

  • Efficient risk management with clear traceability
  • Predictable, systematic V&V testing, even for complex, software-intensive products (“paperless V&V”)
  • Precise BOM management and design transfer to manufacturing



Consensia’s CATIA consulting services include:

  • Design automation and implementation
  • Best practices workflows
  • Data quality assurance
  • CATIA administration
  • Custom development