Accelerated Device


The IOT eco-system is creating new and rapidly growing opportunities for small & medium business. However, it also generates more challenges for SMB companies. To win more market share in the age of IOT, you need to deliver more products in your product portfolio, so that you can build a connected experience rather than a stand alone product to your consumers. In addition, you need to leverage your global ODM / EMS partners’ expertise in the engineering and manufacturing domain to increase your profitability, while facing intensive competition against your followers and copiers on the market, who are going to share the same ODM / EMS resources with you.


“Accelerated Device” is the solution that Dassault Systemes created to help companies like yours to achieve the above objectives through enabling different process enhancement, such as

  • deliverable based project management
  • issue & change management
  • online supplier collaboration

Achieve objectives to be successful against your competitors

  • bring more products on the market with the same resources
  • accelerate suppliers collaboration while protecting IPs
  • assure faster delivery than competitors on the market

Key Features

  • Accelerated Requirements Management provides a shared environment, unified requirements management, and unified traceability to ensure requirements are captured, managed, understood, and fulfilled throughout the design, implementation, and testing of final products.

  • Accelerated Project Management enables Deliverable-based Project Management that connects business and engineering assets for maximum productivity.

  • Accelerated Device helps SMBs achieve effective collaboration and coordination between disciplines by enabling mechanical engineers’ data to be directly embedded into the change process to foster design re-use and facilitate collaboration with electronic engineers.

  • Accelerated BOM Management enables the standardization of the product and process structure, connecting design, engineering, and manufacturing through a secure, unified Bill of Materials (BOM) management platform.


  • Reduce time-to-market with unified multi-disciplinary engineering collaboration
  • Target zero project delay with Deliverables-based Project Management
  • Protect company Intellectual Property through secure data package exchange with subcontractors
  • Accelerate NPI by providing easy data access and review capability