Suggested Resources for Lean and Agile Product Development

Here are some good online resources:

Here are some good books on Lean and Agile Product Development

Mastering Lean Product Development” by Ronald Mascitelli

A collection of practical methods to improve everything a product development organization does from product strategy to running efficient design reviews (includes extensive bibliography)

The Principles of Product Development Flow” by Donald Reinertsen

Detailed explanations of key principles to accelerated product development, based on Theory of Constraints, queuing theory, and more

Lean Product and Process Development” by Allen C Ward

A spirited presentation of the philosophy and techniques for lean product development from the guy who inspired many others (published posthumously)

Ready, Set, Dominate” by Michael Kennedy et al

A more evolved presentation of the ideas from Ward’s book, based on the real-life experiences of Kennedy’s consulting clients. Includes case studies of two companies going through lean transformations

Managing to Learn” by John Shook

An excellent introduction to the use of the ‘A3 method’ for problem solving, communication, learning, and lean management.

The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries

A must read for entrepreneurs and anyone managing projects to create something new under conditions of extreme uncertainty.

The Elements of Scrum” by Chris Sims and Hillary Louise Johnson

A simple but comprehensive description of one of the most popular aspects of agile methods for software development.

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